Fossil Free Finance

The Fossil Free Finance Campaign (FFFC) was formed in 2019. We aim to foster shared learning, coordination, and collaboration among NGOs dedicated to ending financial services to the fossil fuel industry.

We want to enable a shift towards people-centered sustainable energy systems as a key strategy to ensuring that global warming stays under 1.5°C.

We encourage strategic discussions to build alignment on efforts across both public and private finance; across different fossil fuel sectors including coal, oil and gas; and across national, regional and global campaigns.

| Our vision

We envision a financial sector that works for the climate and communities, and enables a rapid and fair phase down of fossil fuels in line with 1.5 C pathways.

| Our mission

Strengthen the effectiveness of research, policy analysis and campaigns against fossil fuel finance.

| Our work

We foster discussion, coordination, collaboration and learning. We provide support to fossil free finance movements globally.

| Capacity Building

Our Finance Campaigner School helps to train new fossil finance activists around the world and to support them as they develop their own campaigns. In weekly sessions, we delve deeper into the financial system and talk about strategies for moving money away from dirty corporations. The program runs from March through October each year. Contact us for more information. 

We also organize webinars and workshops on private and public fiinance campaigning and how to use our tools.

| Research and campaigning tools


The Global Coal Exit List and Global Oil and Gas Exit List identify the world’s biggest producers, users and expanders of fossil fuels.


The Coal Policy Tracker and Oil & Gas Policy Tracker assess financial institution policies. The Sustainable Power Policy Tracker (SPPT)  tracks the commitments adopted by the top 60 banks worldwide regarding their support for sustainable power.


The annual Banking on Climate Chaos report is the most comprehensive analysis of the top 60 banks by asset size financing of fossil fuel companies.The Dodgy Deals database includes profiles of projects or companies financed by private sector banks that have been identified as damaging to the environment or society.

| Joint campaigns

| News

The Banking on Climate Chaos report remains the most comprehensive analysis of the top 60 banks by asset size fiinancing of fossil fuel companies. The report includes the lending and underwriting totals for these top 60 banks, globally; covering 4,228 companies with fossil fuel business, 10 unconventional sectors, and companies expanding fossil fuels.

“Okay… I think it’s time to fiinish” said the group’s chairman after 5 minutes of disruption by the Climate Choir singing “fossil fuels are trouble, trouble, trouble”. On May 7th, we went to Standard Chartered’s AGM to demand them to stop financing destructive gas projects in Mozambique and the Phillipines. We asked questions and staged a protest outside, with big banners and even Darth Vader.

Over the past three years, commercial banks provided $470 Billion for Coal. Still Banking on Coal 2024 shows data on commercial banks that provided loans and underwriting services to coal companies from January 2021 to December 2023.

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Inés Alberico

FFFC Coordinator